Cloaks of many colours

  She was one of those.  One of those quiet ones. She wore a beautiful cloak of many colours, with a hood.  She peered out from within the hood, unsure, timid.  Quiet, she watches. She watches them move.  Slow.  Fast.  Another cloak, covering another. She sees more cloaks, each one unique, each one significant, each […]


When I don’t know why. When I don’t understand. When I feel all wrong. When I feel broken. When I feel lost. When everything around me is out of place, out of sync. When everything inside me is bulking against a situation. When all I want to do is run, because that feels right. When […]

Identity Crisis 

It turns out I still feared the opinions of others. My perspective was still warped. My belief still remained in finding acceptance in people equalled feeling loved by God. Where was that soul defining anchor? So now, seperate[compartmentalise] that which is you. Seperate [move away from] all those things you believe, define you. And what […]

holding on tight

Worries and fears; two of my biggest opponents at the moment… I get it, then I don’t.  I think I’ve grappled it and then everything unwinds, like a tightly rolled ball of string, let loose.   Or I give it all to God, I surrender all, then I take it all back like a hungry, angry […]

praying for happiness

‘dear Jesus,’ she prayed.  Her eyes tight shut.  I squinted my eyes open slightly to watch her in the dull light.  The summer evening light is finally upon us, but the winter cold air still lingers.  The other sleeps quietly above us. ‘i pray that you make mummy and daddy…’ there’s a pause as she […]


He has made everything beautiful in its time. Eccl 3:11 I am so grateful for time right now.  God given, grace-filled time.  That there is a format, a canvas on which Grace can do its work.  For with time, we may have the grace to learn and, be changed. Or to heal. That morning, that day, […]

A New Thing

She was clutching at anything that might mean that He was speaking to her.  She grappled with anything that might seem like she was still loved.  She desperately sang every word from the songs as if they were spoken, just to her.  And there were moments that felt like they were.  But they were just […]