A moment, in light of eternity

I love it, Guy puts the question out there, where do you shop? But misses out the shop that’s won supermarket of the year two years running… Aldi. Did we hear where he shopped? Not sure, but am sure its not Aldi. This tickled me all day.

And no, I did not loose the crux of the preach, albeit a little bit distracted by a detail in the ice breaker.

It was a great sermon. But then I always like listening to Guy.  He makes me laugh and he doesn’t beat around the bush.  And, you can forgive Guy anything with the enthusiasm that exudes from him as he talks, including missing out my favourite shop.

It was particularly poignant preach to me, at this point in my life as I seek to live moment to moment, seeking God in those moments and giving my worries over to Him, about the future.

It might sound contradictory, considering what Guy said about understanding good and bad things being only momentary, in light of eternity.  But it’s really not, contradictory.

After Guy preached, for the first time in years I grasped, with my own mind, a concept that has so often eluded me…seeing past the present, to the future.  Aiming past that brick, as a Taekwondo artist splitting brick, to the floor.  A concept my husband has always grasped so easily.

Seeing Eternity, might be like looking through frosted, patterned glass…

For years, even as a Christian, I have battled with this concept of an unknown ‘eternity’ and fell victim to living life by the ‘moment’, ‘because you only live once’ and ‘don’t worry, be happy’, and ‘go with the flow’.  With all that failing to bring happiness, I would look to my own strength and desires to change the moment, to find what I might be looking for that would quench my thirst, for a moment.

Only to realise I had misunderstood.

That is, I was looking to my future. My eternity.  A place in my mind that could not be humanly perceived.  And although I have a part to play, it is not so much about looking to my future, but to Gods, and all that He will be.

Then, taking the focus off me, I realise, the burden is lighter…That is to say, realising the freedom in whatever I do, that if I integrate my faith, integrate Jesus, there I am, a pilgrim, walking towards eternity.  And, although our moments are transitory, they can be enjoyed because we are walking in the light of eternity.

And it’s a privilege isn’t it, to have a divine appointment, right here, right now.  Powerfully put by Guy, ‘where ever you find yourself, you are a divine appointment, where ever you are, your life is transformed, a living proclamation of Gods mercy’.  A time to let shine all that God has done and is doing in our lives.

It really was a good morning at church.  And you know God is moving because you can’t quite put your finger on why there is so much response, so much unity and agreement that the morning was blessed.  And I was so blessed, especially by the ‘new Well’ analogy.  For me, right here and now, the excitement in that Well picture was me and Jon pulling up that water, together.  Jon and I are starting a brand new year together, it is a year of new beginnings, one where I feel we might not just think about a new Well, but we could dig it, draw from it and give out to others.


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