Climbing Mountains

We’re not moving mountains, we’re climbing them.

Mountains that could hold idols which we worship, or through much hard work, we climb them.

Because, as he said on Sunday, ‘staying at the bottom and simply looking up and trusting God is boot camp’. 

 We were made for more.

 We have been given all we need to get to the top…

 And, although, let’s face it, mountain climbing is really hard work and only the very hardiest of people do it, and enjoy it…

 this is, in the end, not about me and my present moment, its about God, and the glory that is Him, the everlasting glory that will last forever.

And then, I realise, anyway, every mountain is very different; the terrain varies considerably, the vegetation, the gradient and the levelling out vary all the time. 

Every mountain is totally unique.  As is the path and journey up… some may travel round the mountain like a spiral, some may walk straight up, some may meander, or zig zag.

And its why God is so amazingly gracious because He wants us to find that mountain and that path that is as unique as we are. 

And He does want us to enjoy it… otherwise He would not have made it all so intoxicatingly beautiful, providing awesome views and scenery as we go.

My perspective has dramatically changed recently.  When I realised God was an active, working God. He doesn’t sit, waiting for us to do.  He doesn’t work from the outside, in.

He works from the inside out.

He works with whatever you are on the inside. He uses whatever beauty He finds within (and it is beautiful, because He created you) and works with you.

Today I read about ‘hand-me-down’ faith and I would say my hand-me-down perspective on God was the way He was changing us for His glory.  And I realise now this perspective can be destructive to us and what God is actually doing.  For if He wanted to change us, why did He make us so?  There is a careful need to break down this perspective of what makes us who we are.  And therefore what is it that God wants to change?  Because it’s actually our thought patterns that need altering.  The thought patterns that take us away from God, that take us places more destructive than constructive to us and His purposes. 

And, more destructive than ever, was the perspective that I am only ‘useful’ out there in the field, being a missionary.

Actually, every moment that I am declaring Jesus Lord over me and my household, I am fulfilling my calling.  I am called into relationship with Him.  To always uphold Him in my heart and mind, in every moment.

And, I am changing because of the journey, not because I have reached my destination.  It is the journey which brings changes not reaching the top.  He is using me in every moment I acknowledge Him, bring Him glory.

Which is my mountain? It was that little middle mountain, the creative mountain.

Excited as I was to hear there was such a mountain [because it has been strong on my heart very recently] I was also slightly daunted by the fact it was a mountain.

Despite this, I felt a special imparting of a mission.

And this was new to me, because I am looking at the journey already started and can feel a sense of excitement in it.

And when I look back, behind me, I see little indicators, little flags that set out a path that leads back to who I am.

Because God wants to work with who we are, to very core of who we are. The little things that consist of us, even the little things that may seem like flaws, unimportant likes and dislikes, character traits and personal defects.

He works from within so our mountain is something we will be equipped for, because actually it’s of us.

For me, this mountain is seeing the arts and crafts redeemed for God.  Using it to glorify Him.  He who had started the very essence of all things creative. Who is represented within anything that is creative. Whose signature lies on the bottom of anything that has been created.

And bringing others to Him, through the creative nature that is innate in us.

Using creativity brings together the heart, mind, soul and spirit. It is pro active, not reactive or passive. And this is why I am excited because it brings all these into play causing a person to be wholly present and satisfied.

Because, as a very good friend pointed out to me recently said,

‘you really can get a small understanding of what God felt when he sat back on the seventh day and said, ‘it is good’, when you finish your creative moment and look on with satisfaction at what you have achieved.

But this glorification of creativity can be God focused and God given or, it can be idolised.

And climbing this mountain is a journey where I’m discovering more of God and who He is.  Where He exists in everything, where He is wholly present and in every part of it.

And an exciting ingredient that made Sunday really special, was that, after Guy had finished talking, Jon said he was climbing the same mountain as me.


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