God, He just is.

God loves to be seen in amongst your life. He loves to be recognised in amongst the healing, the blessings,

but also the mess,

the confusion, the questions. He desires to be of your life, not just in your life. He wants to be ever recognisable, ever present.

And so, He is. He just is.

He is always present. If not, than what is.

He will answer the questions, He will straighten the mess. He will bring sense to what is senseless. He will bring clarity in the chaos.

That is, when you start bringing the mess to Him, instead of hiding it from Him, and thats when You understand Grace.

And when you start bringing the questions to Him, instead of questioning Him and His presence, then you understand relationship.

And when you start loving yourself despite His perfection, instead of hating yourself because of His perfection,

thats when you understand Love…

That is, He loves you, just as you are right now, because He is. He is and so, you are loved,

right now.

And when you come to Him moment to moment, instead of once a day, thats when you understand how much He wants to be close to you. Because at every moment that is possible, He wants to be near.

At every possible moment.

And when you realise how important every moment is, you realise how important it is to know that God just is.

And He is telling you…
To just be.
In. That. Moment. With. Him.

Had I been perfect, I would never have seen the need for perfection.

Had I been perfect, I would not need Jesus, in my every moment.

Had I been simply striving for perfection, I would never have been able to enjoy every moment with Him.

Thankfully I need only strive to make more moments ever filled with His presence, because I realise He wants to be ever present, in my life. And what a privilege that is.

And just that makes me fall to my knees. In astonishment.

To allow Him in, that is all.

And just that, I will thank you forever, Jesus, for that moment that you gave to me, where you gave up your place with God, and was no longer of God, and for a moment, You became nothing but a void. And God broke from you, removed His presence from you.

You died completely, You experienced what I will never have to experience. A moment without God. A moment when God. is. just. not. there.

and I realise Jesus, You are more lovely than I deserve.

You are all I need, in every moment.


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