He has made everything beautiful in its time. Eccl 3:11

I am so grateful for time right now.  God given, grace-filled time.  That there is a format, a canvas on which Grace can do its work.  For with time, we may have the grace to learn and, be changed.

Or to heal.

That morning, that day, when a mans heart had shattered under the weight of words spoken.  When lies were revealed and truth came to light.  He asked how were we going to get through this mess, this chaos.  This hurt.

Time.  Was all I could say.  Was all I could hope.

Because I did not know how.  I just hoped that in time memories would become shadows and wounds would be healed.

I had hoped that God would give me that all-needed grace-filled time to leave behind where we had arrived.

For He has made everything beautiful in its time.

And it is all so true.  And I am all too thankful.  Time is a coil, where memories spiral down and grace fills the spaces in between.  Memories become shadows and grace makes them beautiful.

And always with time, we always have opportunity, always another chance, always there is more grace for the next time.  How many times have I panicked, filled with fear that I have passed the point of no return.  That time has run out.  That I have no more opportunity.  But with God, with Grace, with time, there is.

I have discovered the beauty of gardening (I have no garden, but a courtyard) but I’ve planted out none-the-less, a thin border now has growth, has green vegetation, growing up the fence line.  And its been strangely humbling to learn.  Learning to wait, to tender.  I cannot force them to grow, I cannot even predict that they will flower and blossom, I can only do what I can, do the best that I can, and hope.

Because time is Gods gift to me right then, and right now.  Because grace was never an instant ‘happy ever after’, it was the beginning.  Having created time before He created us and the environment for which we would end up messing up, He had already thought through the need for time.  Man would need time to work it out, to learn, to grow, to blossom.  God already put in place what was needed to allow grace to work.  He knew we would need it.  Grace.  Grace filled time.

Nothing is instant, and when I flail and flap as I realise I have messed up.  Again.  Jesus says, it is done, it has been dealt with.  No need to fret, its a given we were going to fail again.  And it is a God given evolution.  Where we are to evolve into people, better than yesterday, through grace filled time.  Because He makes everything beautiful in His time.


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