Identity Crisis 

It turns out I still feared the opinions of others.

My perspective was still warped.
My belief still remained in finding acceptance in people equalled feeling loved by God.

Where was that soul defining anchor?

So now, seperate[compartmentalise] that which is you.
Seperate [move away from] all those things you believe, define you.
And what remains?

Identity [internal perception of self-value] is the ‘fact of being’.

All I am is what I am. But what if we remove all that surrounds me, all that I do, in order to be.

So now, write a list of all things that define what ‘I am’.
or what is believed others define as what ‘I am.’
Labels given, labels perceived.
It turns out, to my utter relief and revelation from God, that all can be stuck-on, or unstuck.

Mud does not stick and no-one, NO-ONE can touch that one thing that is yours, Gods love for you.

Its planted like a seed, designed to bear fruit.

Your job is to protect and nurture it. You are not to preserve it, lock it away, hide it, but feed it, grow it so it becomes bigger than you, greater than you.

‘For He that is in you, is greater than he that is in the world’

It turns out I was still people-pleasing, pampering my pride, just wanting to keep face.

It felt more important than pleasing God, seemed to yield more satisfaction [to my ego].
And it turns out peoples opinions dont define you.

And it turns out God doesnt take references.

The things I thought defined me confined me, entrapped me into a perceived place of control.

And Gods love for me was an add-on to my identity, like another leg.

I am who I am because, He is, who He is.

Everything else, that pertains to be apart of me is just that.  A-part from me.  Is separate, removable, detachable, compartmentalised, is changeable.

So the weight has fallen off [the yolk is light], as has all offences and hurts.

For nothing in the world can alter that which is I am to Jesus.

Whose very act of doing, defines my very act of being who I am.

I am loved by Him.


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