Messy, Unorganised Love

for all the greatness there is, in being organised, there is perhaps a much greater love evidenced in a single spontaneous act, done without question or discontentment, regret or annoyance. an organised mum might be a mum not wishing a situation to be out of her assumed control.  a situation where she might fluster and […]

God, He just is.

God loves to be seen in amongst your life. He loves to be recognised in amongst the healing, the blessings, but also the mess, the confusion, the questions. He desires to be of your life, not just in your life. He wants to be ever recognisable, ever present. And so, He is. He just is. […]

Summer Memoirs

My favourite three.  They stand and watch the sea.  The father taking the weight, holding them tight.  My most favourite picture of the whole season, watching them, watching the sea. A man holding up and holding strong no matter what is going on.  Within himself he seems restrained, strong.  But I know the turmoil within.  But still, the three […]

All my hope is in you

I left church this morning with these words ringing in my ears, because during worship time, it was my prayer, ‘all my hope is in you…’ I wish words could sing off the page, and that you would hear the melody reverberate in your heart. That if all our hope lay in God, He would […]

Climbing Mountains

We’re not moving mountains, we’re climbing them. Mountains that could hold idols which we worship, or through much hard work, we climb them. Because, as he said on Sunday, ‘staying at the bottom and simply looking up and trusting God is boot camp’.   We were made for more.  We have been given all we need […]

praying to a king

sometimes i pray as if God is not listening. sometimes i am crying out to be heard, not to be listened to. sometimes i am talking to Him as if He cannot hear me. because, really, in the deep recesses of my mind, i doubt. so instead of changing that unconscious thought that exists as a […]